Stephen A. Hart, Founder & Host of the Trailblazers.FM podcast.

What is the name of your company & what does your company do?

tbfm_logo_withlinesTrailblazers.FM is a weekly podcast, where we explore and highlight the stories of successful black professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. I’d like to invite members of the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce to subscribe to the podcast and listen in weekly, as we extract the knowledge, resources and tools of these accomplished professionals to help you blaze your trail. Learn more at

As the host, I’m a big believer in personal branding for working professionals and entrepreneurs, and I provide branding and marketing services to help you tell your story and Brand You™.

What makes your company different from other companies in the space?

The Trailblazers.FM podcast is a unique business podcast, which showcases the positive black professionals journey, whether in the corporate and entrepreneurial arenas. In just 7 months since our launch, we’ve already been downloaded in over 65 countries around the world, been featured on the home page of iTunes Podcast, and I’ve personally been featured on several other podcasts and nominated by Black Enterprise’s BE Modern Man initiative, to the 2016 class of 100 Men of Distinction.

What do you have coming up in the next 90-120 days that our members would be interested in?

In late October, we’ll be launching our first product for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, called Brand You™. We know you’re busy working in your business or career, but without a credible and established digital footprint today, you’ll lose credibility and trust among potential prospects, partners, vendors, and future employees or employers. When they Google or search for you on social, make certain the results will be memorable and inviting. Let Brand You™ help you ramp up your business model with a motivating and inspiring brand design that is fresh and exciting. Allow us to help you tell your story.

How do people find you and your company to connect for more information? (include your website, SM presence, phone number and email)

I’d like to invite you to connect with us on the web today at We’re also on instagram, twitter and facebook @TBPod

If you’d like to discuss your branding needs, feel free to contact Stephen Hart at 813-546-8185 or by email

Why did you join the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce? What are you looking to get from your membership here?

I see membership in the Chamber as a great opportunity for us to connect black professionals and entrepreneurs in our local community with the amazing global platform that we’ve established. Each week, you’ve got an opportunity to hear from a present day success story, and learn from their failures, their challenges, and their wisdom that’s enabled them to succeed today.
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