Below are notes from the GOMA Presentation – Navigating the eMaryland Marketplace that took place on February 17, 2017.

Here is the presentation – Navigating eMaryland Marketplace with Succes – Slides.

The presentation discussed navigating the State of Maryland eMaryland Marketplace in order to sell goods and services to the state and local jurisdictions.

Understand the NIGP

  1. NIGP – this is a 5 digit code which classifies the goods/services in the system.
  2. The codes which start with 900 and above are commodity or products and below 900 are services.

Small Business Reserve Certification

  1. This is a self-certification program through the online portal.
  2. Businesses must re-certify every year.
  3. You can qualify by using SIZE OR GROSS SALES requirements. (There is a chart in the presentation that outlines the requirements)
  4. Must be a for-profit business to qualify.
  5. The SBR program includes 23 designated state agencies.
  6. For questions about the program, check in with a SBR Liaison.

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