1. What is the name of your company? The Spencer Firm, LLC. What does your company do? Law Firm representing employers and employees with matters associated to workplace disputes.
2. What makes your company different from other companies in the space? We have litigated and settled many cases. We are one of the few small firms that are able to negotiate and litigate if needed; this means, you are able to keep your case within the same firm. It also gives us a full perspective on how to resolve cases more cost effectively. Two of our members are native Spanish speakers and one speaks partial French which is appreciated within communities that prefer to speak their native language in difficult times. We are able to reach a wide spectrum of business clients and workers by offering a more personalized representation of their cases. Our main focus is communication and we pride ourselves in coming up with creative ways to resolve cases based on our client’s needs. 
3. What do you have coming up in the next 90-120 days that our members would be interested in? Speaking event on Preventing lawsuits – preventing employees from suing your company for employment related claims (discrimination, wage and hour, wrongful termination)
4. How do people find you and your company to connect for more information? (include your website, SM presence, phone number and email) You can read more about what we do on our website: www.spencer-firm.com. We are available between the hours of 9am-4pm and can be reached at 301-637-2866 (accommodations on availability are made for retained clients). The email is info@spencer-firm.com.
5. Why did you join the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce? What are you looking to get from your membership here? I joined the MBCC for various reasons. I wanted to connect with other businesses for personal and professional growth. I also joined to reach out to business owners regarding my firm’s availability to meet needs that they often aren’t aware they even have until someone sues them. One of my goals is to spread the importance of consulting or having an employment attorney to business owners than plan on having employees or currently have employees.